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Sennheiser 600MHz Trade-In Rebate
Offer Expires March 31, 2019

Promotional Period:
Expires March 31, 2019

STEP 1: Check if your current wireless will be affected
Wireless mics and monitoring systems are currently allowed to operate from 470 - 698 MHz. In the next few years, FCC will limit operation to 470 - 608 MHz. While the majority of wireless systems in use today will be unaffected, customers with systems that operate above 608 MHz will unfortunately need to discontinue use and migrate to new frequency ranges. To check if your current wireless will be affected, look for a printed sticker on your equipment indicating its frequency range. On Sennheiser wireless, this information is printed on both transmitters and receivers and is often visible on the main display.

STEP 2: Purchase new Sennheiser wireless from ProAVmax.com (Link)
Sennheiser offers a wide range of wireless mics and monitoring systems for any budget, which fully comply with current and future FCC rules and regulations. Choose from the following wireless series, in these recommended frequency ranges.

Wireless Series : Recommended Frequencies Trade-In Rebate
XS Wireless : A ..... $50 per System
ew 100 G4 : A1, A, G ..... $100 per System
ew 300 G4 : A1, A, G ..... $150 per System
ew 500 G4 : A1, A, G ..... $200 per System
Evolution Wireless D1 : 2.4GHz ..... $50 per System
Digital 6000 : A1 - A4 ..... $600 per Channel ($300 x Tx or Rx)
AVX : 1.9GHz ..... $100 per System
SpeechLine DW : 1.9GHz ..... $200 per System
2000 Series : Aw ..... $400 per Channel ($200 x Tx or Rx)
3000 / 5000 Series : L ..... $600 per Channel ($300 x Tx or Rx)

STEP 3: Trade-in your old 600 MHz wireless gear

When your new Sennheiser wireless systems arrive:

  1. Make a copy of your dated sales receipt. Purchases must be made from June 14th 2017 and March 31, 2019.
  2. Cut the UPC codes off the sides of your new Sennheiser boxes (no photocopies accepted)
  3. Complete the Trade-In form available [Link] or at sennheiser.com/600-mhz-promo
  4. Send your old wireless, sales receipt, UPC code and completed trade-in form to the address listed on the form. To be eligible, your traded wireless equipment must operate in the 600 MHz band. Any manufacturer, make or model will be accepted for trade-in rebate, provided it operates in 600 MHz.
  5. That’s it! Please allow 6-8 weeks for your trade-in to be processed, and your check to be mailed.

If you don't find a Sennheiser wireless system in our store that you are interested in purchasing, please submit a Quote Request to receive our price - Thank you.