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Ashly CLX-52 Stereo/Dual Peak Compressor-Limiter

Ashly CLX-52 Stereo/Dual Peak Compressor-Limiter
Ashly CLX-52
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Product Code: ASH-CLX-52


Ashly Audio CLX-52 : Stereo/Dual Peak Compressor/Limiter

Ashly’s CLX-52 Peak Compressor/Limiter is a two-channel universal peak-sensitive automatic gain control (AGC) device with exceptional audio performance, precise controls and rugged durability. The Ashly CLX-52 compressor/limiter uses an “infinite soft-knee” characteristic and timing based on compression ratio. This, combined with a dual release time, allows program density to increase as the input signal increases. The result is a peak controller with very low noise, smooth sound, and excellent stereo tracking without the usual “constricted” limiter sound.

Front panel controls of the Ashly CLX-52 allow you to set input gain, threshold, ratio, attack time, release time and output level. Additional front panel features are an in/out switch for each channel, stereo tie switch and eleven-step LED meters for gain reduction and input or output level. All audio connections are XLR, ¼” TRS and euroblock. Each channel of the Ashly CLX-52 has a TRS insert detector patch point which can be used as a “ducking” input, or in conjunction with an equalizer to produce frequency-sensitive limiting.

A unique feature of the Ashly CLX-52 is the incorporation of a double release-time constant. When a conventional compressor/limiter is adjusted for slow release times, transients such as mic “pops” may cause a severe reduction in gain followed by a slow fadeup, making the action of the limiter very obvious. With Ashly's CLX-52 the double time constant, release from gain reduction after a brief transient is always fast, with a slower release after a sustained overdrive.

With wide-bandwidth, ultra-low-distortion and a low noise VCA, the Ashly CLX-52 is a versatile and highly listenable compressor/limiter. Used in professional sound reinforcement as a protective device it will prevent audio levels from overloading systems, or it can be used to reduce the dynamic range of a signal creating a much louder or fuller sound without increasing the loudness peaks. The Ashly CLX-52 is a versatile and highly listenable compressor/limiter suitable for use in professional sound reinforcement, recording and broadcasting.

Ashly Audio CLX-52 Features:

  • Peak Compression Circuitry
  • Compression ratio variable from 2:1 through Infinity:1
  • Precision 11-Step LED Gain Reduction, Input and Output Meters
  • Over 60dB of gain reduction
  • Extremely Low Noise and Distortion
  • Calibrated Threshold Control
  • Detector Loop Patch Point
  • Input-Output Meter Switch
  • Stereo Tie Switch
  • Active Balanced Inputs
  • Servo-Balanced Outputs
  • XLR, TRS 1/4”, and Euroblock Connectors
  • Universal 100-240VAC Internal Power Supply
  • Conventional PA Systems
  • FOH
  • Monitors
  • Speaker Protection
  • Feedback Suppresion
  • Ducking
  • De-essing
  • Broadcast Limiter
  • Fatter Drums
  • Thicker Guitars
  • Punchier Bass

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