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Electro-Voice HDC-5 : Heavy Duty Stackable Cover for Zx4 or Zx5 (Black)

Electro-Voice HDC-5 : Heavy Duty Stackable Cover for Zx4 or Zx5 (Black)
Electro-Voice HDC-5
Heavy Duty Stackable Cover for Zx4 or Zx5 (Black)
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Price: $160.00

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Product Code: EV-HDC-5


Electro-Voice HDC-5 : Heavy Duty Stackable Cover for Zx4 or Zx5 (Black)

The Electro-Voice HDC-5 is a heavy duty cover that fits the Zx5 and Zx4. Designed to protect the enclosure during storage, the HDC-5 has heavy duty padding on all sides. HDC-5 utilizes durable 1000D Black Cordura laminated to foam.

The Electro-Voice HDC-5 has a built-in hard top so that one enclosure can be safely stacked on top of another. This is accomplished with a two-ply corrugated top structure with internal rubber protective feet.

The rear of the Electro-Voice HDC-5 features a transparent vinyl pocket that accepts normal cardstock inserts to help identify model and/or serial numbers. This is especially helpful with Zx5 as it is available in different horn patterns.

The side of the Electro-Voice HDC-5 has a circular opening that gives access to the handle on the enclosure. This makes it easy to transport the enclosure with HDC-5 maintaining its protective capabilities.

Color : Black

Electro-Voice Zx and ZxA Accessories

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..... Universal array bracket mounting system for up to four ZX1i or EVID 3.2, 4.2 or 6.2 speaker systems in any combination. Enables either pole or threaded rod mounting. Includes one piece bracket, mounting hardware and safety plate.
Array rigging kit for two ZX3 or ZX5 loudspeakers. Color : Black or White.
Forged M8 eye bolt kit (set of 3)
VSA-1 handle adapter for ZX3, black
VSA-1 handle adapter for ZX4 and ZX5, black
Wall/ceiling mounting bracket kit for ZX3, black or white
Wall/ceiling mounting bracket kit for ZX4 and ZX5, black or white
Single Mounting Plate for ZX1. Includes spacers and detatchable hang points.
Single stud rigging kit (set of 3)
Truss clamp adapter and hardware for VSA-1, black
Truss Clamp Adapter for ZX1 loudspeaker
Strong arm mount for PX1122M, PX1152M, Plasma P1, ZX3 (requires HA-3), ZX4 and ZX5 (requires HA-5), black

..... Sub-Speaker Pole - Height Adjustable (36-60 inch) Steel
..... Two Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stands with carry case
..... One Aluminum Tripod Speaker Stand
Transport Covers

..... ZX1 Carrying Bag. Includes shoulder strap and accessory pockets - Two can be combined for carrying two speakers at once.
..... Heavy duty stackable cover for ZX4 and ZX5, black
Slip Cover for Zx1 speaker
Speaker Cover for one Zx1 or Zx1A speaker
Speaker Cover for one ZxA1-SUB Subwoofer

..... Terminal Cover for ZX1i. Includes weatherized gland nut fitting.

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