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  Soundfield FM Systems

Soundfield applications are areas where audio needs to be amplified for people to hear better. This can be in a classroom, meeting room, training center or theatre. Studies have shown that by boosting the audio levels of normal voices, you not only increase retention by as much as 30%, but also reduce potential for voice strain and fatigue. Wherever a large PA system is impractical, a Soundfield FM solution is likely the answer.

Listen’s line of Soundfield FM products deliver a carefully tuned system of components that makes the process of specifying, ordering and using the system simple and straight forward. A Listen FM system functions like a low power radio station that broadcasts sound to receivers within range of the transmitters. This system is an easy way to deliver interference-free sound to groups of all sizes ensuring that all participants, hear the message clearly.

Don’t miss a single sound. Listen.

LT-700: Listen Portable FM Transmitter
LT-700: Listen Portable FM Transmitter
Retail Price: $631.00
Price: $569.00

LT-700: Listen Portable FM Transmitter ..... more info