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MEYER SOUND MINA : Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

MEYER SOUND MINA : Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker
MEYER SOUND MINA : Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker
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Product Code: MSL-MINA


MEYER SOUND MINA : Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound introduces MINA, the newest and smallest member of the MILO family. The Meyer Sound MINA is just over a foot and a half long and weighs only 42 lbs yet MINA is capable of producing up to 128 dB SPL over its wide 100-degree horizontal coverage area. The Meyer Sound MINA will find a place in a variety of applications. Its small footprint makes it an ideal curvilinear array system for low-profile, high-fidelity sound reinforcement, as well as frontfill and under-balcony applications. Installations and theatre tours where size is a concern can pose tough challenges to attaining excellent coverage. Optional weather protection, custom color cabinets and low-profile rigging pins ensure that MINA will blend into any environment to deliver even coverage and pristine sound.

MEYER SOUND MINA - Features and Benefits:

  • Very small footprint and narrow width ideal for small venues or fill applications
  • Exceptional fidelity and transient response for intelligibility and high impact
  • Extremely high power-to-size ratio
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Wide and even horizontal coverage pattern
  • Seamless integration with M’elodie and MICA
  • QuickFly rigging with captive GuideALinks simplifies use in flown or groundstacked arrays, alone or with M’elodie and/or 500-HP subwoofer

MEYER SOUND MINA - Applications:

  • Smaller theatres
  • Houses of worship
  • Ballrooms
  • Corporate AV
  • Theme Parks
  • Downfill or sidefill in systems using M'elodie and MICA
  • Frontfill and under-balcony applications
  • Touring theatrical productions

"MINA is a mature product focusing all of the advances we've made since releasing MILO-a new digital amplifier, a new manifold configuration based on the patented REM and new horn design, even improved rigging-into a package that meets the demand for high-quality sound in small spaces.

John Meyer [CEO of Meyer Sound]

MILO Family

MINA comes from a heritage worth boasting about. Since the 2003 introduction of the MILO high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker, products from this family of self-powered loudspeakers have become the "gold standard" for touring and installed line array systems. Now the newest member, MINA, fills a niche by providing a very compact yet powerful package capable of integrating easily with its sibling M'elodie, yet strong enough to stand alone in smaller theatres, houses of worship, ballrooms and corporate AV situations by effortlessly producing up to 128 dB SPL over its wide 100-degree horizontal coverage area.

Featuring drivers and acoustical combining manifolds designed and built by Meyer Sound, all MILO family loudspeakers seamlessly integrate in virtually any combination, representing a complete solution for fixed installations of any size, and total flexibility for touring or rental applications, where every show may demand a different system configuration that, nonetheless, must provide the same sound quality as the show before.

With six distinct variations on a successful theme, the MILO family offers a comprehensive solution that allows every audience member to enjoy the power and transparency of MILO in venues of any size.

Subwoofer Integration: Low-frequency support for MINA has to have the same powerful yet precise quality exhibited by MINA itself. Meyer Sound's 500-HP compact high-power subwoofer makes the perfect complement to MINA, producing a peak SPL of 135 dB at 1 meter over its 35 Hz – 140 Hz operating frequency range. The 500-HP is ideal when it is desirable to fly subwoofers as part of a MINA array. The MTF-MINA transition grid enables MINA to be flown beneath M'elodie or 500-HP cabinets, or groundstacked with them.

Meyer Sound 500-HP
High-Power Subwoofer

QuickFly Rigging:

Meyer Sound's QuickFly rigging system has led the way in safety and ease of use since its introduction, offering rigid rigging that enables smooth transport of stacks of up to five fully rigged cabinets and virtually eliminating the need for pullback cables. With captive GuideALinks, the hardware always travels with the cabinet; there is no need for any risk to fingers or hands between cabinets while rigging. The rear link of the rigging allows settings for 12 different angles from zero to 11 degrees, in one-degree increments. It all adds up to a faster and safer setup

  • The MG-MINA grid can fly up to 12 MINA cabinets with a 7:1 safety ratio, or 16 cabinets at a 5:1 ratio. The grid offers multiple and single center pick-up points and can also be used for groundstacking MINA.
  • The MTF-MINA transition grid facilitates using MINA under M'elodie or the 500-HP subwoofer, or for groundstacking with the 500-HP or M'elodie.
  • The MCF-MINA caster frame allows up to five cabinets to be transported fully rigged, and is dimensioned for tight packing in both U.S. and European trucks.
  • The MYA-MINA mounting yoke enables arrays of up to three MINA loudspeakers to be suspended or mounted on a pole or tripod stand.
  • The MUB-MINA can be used for a single cabinet for frontfill or under-balcony coverage, or pole mounting on a stand.
  • Durable nylon covers are also available.

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