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Meyer Sound JM-1P Arrayable Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound JM-1P Arrayable Loudspeaker
Meyer Sound JM-1P Arrayable Loudspeaker
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Product Code: MSL-JM-1P


MEYER SOUND JM-1P : Arrayable Loudspeaker

The Meyer Sound JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker combines Meyer Sound's famed clarity of sound and robust, self-powered performance with our latest breakthroughs in horn design, rigging and loudspeaker control to produce an extremely easy-to-use, highly versatile arrayable loudspeaker system powerful enough to act as a main system, but flexible enough to serve in any number of supporting roles-whether horizontal or vertical, flown or stacked. With the level of performance and flexibility, the JM-1P is a wise investment that has a place in every job and on every tour. Whether the lead player or in a support role, you'll never leave the JM-1P home.


  • Applies modern technology to overcome historical point source array limitations
  • Tight-packing results in cleaner sightlines and neater appearance, and eliminates angle setting
  • Each JM-1P cabinet utilizes an REM and horn for precise 20° horizontal coverage in tight-packed arrays: combine 2 cabinets for seamless 40° coverage, 3 cabinets for seamless 60° coverage, and so on
  • Exceptional size-to-power ratio; easily powerful enough to use for main system, delay stacks, or fill duties
  • QuickFly rigging offers flexibility of both horizontal and vertical arrays
  • Consistent and predictable array performance ensures accurate system design


  • Theatres and theatrical sound reinforcement
  • Houses of worship
  • Portable and installed AV systems
  • Center and sidefill in large-scale systems
  • Theme parks, stadiums, concert halls, and nightclubs

Meyer Sound defined the point source array with the classic UPA-1 in 1980, and the self-powered UPA-1P remains one of our top sellers today. With the tremendous technology advances of the last 12 years built into the JM-1P, we now are doing more than announcing a new product. We are redefining point source systems.

The optional RMS remote monitoring system provides comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows-based computer.

Technology Designed for Horizontal Control:
The technology of the JM-1P provides a versatility few other loudspeakers can match. The new horn design in the JM-1P, combined with Meyer Sound's patented REM ribbon emulation manifold, yields extremely tight pattern control. This means that tight-packed JM-1P arrays exhibit very little interaction between horns, and single cabinets or pairs of cabinets can be deployed to deliver coverage only to desired areas, with minimal reflections off of walls and other surfaces, or interactions with other parts of the sound system. Meyer Sound's emphasis on low distortion enables the JM-1P to maintain its clarity and pattern control even at high levels.

These characteristics, along with the ease of creating a groundstacked horizontal array, make the JM-1P an excellent tool for corporate AV applications. The ability to form small arrays of two or three cabinets with strict control of dispersion makes the JM-1P perfect for distributed systems in sports venues. The exceptional size-to-power ratio and the simplicity of self-powered systems make the JM-1P an ideal candidate for AV companies wishing to have a sound system that is simple to set up and use, yet impressively clean and powerful.

The JM-1P is a two-way system employing components designed and manufactured by Meyer Sound at its Berkeley, Calif., headquarters. Meyer Sound's rigorous quality assurance guarantees the performance and consistency of each loudspeaker.

The JM-1P's wide, 53 Hz to 18 kHz operating frequency range and prodigious output of 138 dB max peak SPL (measured at one meter) is produced by one 15-inch, long-excursion, low frequency cone driver, and a four-inch high frequency compression driver coupled through a patented REM manifold to an extremely accurate constant-Q horn. This horn, which distinguishes the JM-1P, exhibits sharply controlled 20-degree horizontal by 60-degree vertical coverage. The unit's consistent polar response and trapezoidal enclosure allows for tightly packed arrays with each loudspeaker adding 20 degrees to the horizontal coverage of the array (with minimal overlap in high frequencies).

As a Meyer Sound self-powered system, the JM-1P houses integrated electronics for crossover, driver protection, and frequency and phase response correction, in addition to its proprietary 1275 W (2550 W peak) class AB/H amplifier. Meyer Sound's RMS remote monitoring system keeps you informed of the status of all important system parameters.