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Meyer Sound SB-2 Parabolic Wide-Range Sound Beam

Meyer Sound SB-2 Parabolic Wide-Range Sound Beam
Meyer Sound SB-2
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Product Code: MSL-SB-2


MEYER SOUND SB-2 Parabolic Wide-Range Sound Beam

The Meyer Sound SB-2 is a biamplified sound reinforcement loudspeaker housed in a parabolic dish enclosure. Capable of high sound pressure levels with precisely defined narrow coverage, the Meyer Sound SB-2 offers a unique solution for large-scale distributed paging and music systems.


  • Precise, narrow coverage over a wide frequency range
  • Ultra-low distortion maximizes intelligibility
  • Sharply defined pattern dramatically minimizes reverberation
  • Articulated mounting yoke provides for precise, adjustable aiming


  • Large airports, arenas and malls
  • Distributed paging and music systems
  • Independent zone coverage systems

While distributed loudspeakers are often employed in an attempt to overcome reverberation and improve intelligibility, large venues pose problems of scale that conventional loudspeakers designs cannot address. The Meyer Sound SB-2 provides an effective solution to these problems. Featuring a tight 20-degree coverage pattern with high output capability, the Meyer Sound SB-2 offers the ability to cover individual zones with highly intelligible, full-range sound while avoiding overlapping. A hybrid, two-way system, the Meyer Sound SB-2 uses a waveguide to achieve directionality at high frequencies and a parabolic array of cone drivers at mid-to-low frequencies.

Because the Meyer Sound SB-2 achieves very tight directional control in the critical mid frequencies, it enables designers of distributed systems to circumvent the usual tradeoffs between even sound pressure levels and minimized combing. Its tight directional control also minimizes reverberation, maximizing intelligibility. And with its high peak SPL output, the Meyer Sound SB-2 can throw over much longer distances than conventional loudspeakers.

The Meyer Sound SB-2 comprises 28 4-inch cone drivers, a 2-inch throat (4-inch diaphragm) compression driver, an integral complementary MOSFET power amplifier with 1240 watts burst capability, optimized signal processing circuitry, and compatibility with RMS remote monitoring system.