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Meyer Sound UMS-1XP Ultra-Compact Subwoofer

Meyer Sound UMS-1XP Ultra-Compact Subwoofer
Meyer Sound UMS-1XP Ultra-Compact Subwoofer

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Product Code: MSL-UMS1XP



The externally powered UMS-1XP, with IntelligentDC technology, is an extremely compact subwoofer that provides powerful low-frequency extension. The UMS-1XP offers the same 127 dB peak SPL output and 25 Hz to 160 Hz operating range as the UMS-1P but with the added flexibility of external DC power and lengthy cable runs without AC conduits. The UMS-1XP is a logical companion to any of Meyer Sound’s externally powered loudspeakers. For installations requiring even greater low-frequency headroom, the UMS-1XP can be deployed as multiple, groundstacked units.


  • IntelligentDC technology affords the flexibility of lengthy cable runs without conduits
  • Extremely Powerful, extended low-frequency response
  • Linear driver excursion ensures exceptionally clean bass response with very low distortion
  • Ideal companion to other powered Meyer Sound loudspeakers


  • Theatrical Sound Reinforcement
  • Portable and Installed AV Systems
  • Mix Suites
  • Houses of Worship

A tuned, bass-reflex enclosure houses the Meyer Sound UMS-1XP’s two 10-inch cone drivers. The drivers are powered by two channels of class D amplification yielding a total burst power output of 450 watts. Each driver channel includes a limiter that prevents overexcursion and regulates voice coil temperatures, ensuring smooth limiting characteristics and high output levels across the subwoofer’s entire frequency range.

With IntelligentDC technology, the Meyer Sound UMS-1XP receives DC power and balanced audio from a single loudspeaker connector, available as Phoenix™ 5-pin male, sealed SwitchCraft® EN3™ 5-pin male, or sealed ECO-M 7-pin male. Powering the unit from an external source eliminates the need for wiring conduits while still preserving the advantages of self-powered systems. The UMS-1XP’s amplifier and signalprocessing circuits store DC power and tolerate voltage drops, thereby accommodating lightgauge cables and lengthy cable runs.

The Meyer Sound UMS-1XP requires an external MPS-488HP IntelligentDC power supply. The singlespace 19 inch rack unit distributes DC power and balanced audio to up to eight UMS-1XP subwoofers, or other Meyer Sound IntelligentDC loudspeakers. Composite multiconductor cables, such as Belden® 1502 or equivalent, can deliver both DC power and balanced audio to loudspeakers at cable lengths up to 150 feet with just 1 dB of loss in peak SPL using 18 AWG wire. Longer cable runs are possible with heavier gauges. Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system is optionally available for the MPS-488HP.

The Meyer Sound UMS-1XP’s durable enclosure is constructed of premium birch plywood and coated with a black-textured, hard-shell finish. A powder-coated, hex-stamped grille with black mesh protects the unit’s drivers. The cabinet top includes a 1 3/8-inch receptacle for pole-mounting the UPJ-1XP, UPJunior-XP, UPM-1XP, or UPM-1XP with the optional MPS-UMS stand. The UMS-1XP SM model is available from the factory with threaded end plates and the UMS-SM U-bracket for singlemount configurations. Custom color finishes are also available for installations with specific cosmetic requirements