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Meyer Sound X-800 : High Power Studio Subwoofer

Meyer Sound X-800 : High Power Studio Subwoofer
Meyer Sound X-800 High-Power Studio Subwoofer
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Product Code: MSL-X800


MEYER SOUND X-800 : High-Power Studio Subwoofer

The Meyer Sound X-800 high-power studio subwoofer is designed primarily to provide additional low-frequency headroom in applications requiring very high monitoring levels coupled with extreme low-frequency transients. An excellent supplement to any high-level studio monitor, the X-800 also provides an ideal complement to Meyer Sound’s X-10 linear control room monitor.


  • High peak power yields excellent transient
  • Extended low frequency response down to 20 Hz
  • Extremely low distortion for ultimate clarity at low frequencies.
  • Exceptionally reliable and durable
  • THX Approved


  • Control room monitoring
  • Large-scale surround mixing
  • High-end playback systems
  • Soundtrack recording and mixing
  • Theatrical reproduction

The Meyer Sound X-800 houses two Meyer Sound long-excursion 18-inch drivers in a tuned, vented cabinet. The Meyer Sound X-800 output rolls off well below 250 Hz, avoiding any adverse comb filtering effects that could be generated by the proximity of the dual drivers. A laser-trimmed differential input with high common-mode rejection enables long line-level signal runs using shielded, twisted-pair cable. As with all Meyer Sound self-powered products, onboard processing includes phase and frequency response correction filters and driver protection circuitry.

An integral two-channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages supplies a total peak output of 1240 watts. Each amplifier channel features TruPower limiting technology to maximize loudspeaker reliability, minimize power compression and extend component life. An Intelligent AC power supply affords automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn-on and surge suppression.

When used with the Meyer Sound X-10, the Meyer Sound X-800 is not intended to extend frequency response, as the Meyer Sound X-10 is a full-range system. Rather, the Meyer Sound X-800 extends low-frequency headroom by approximately 10 dB in the range from 25 Hz to the crossover point.

The companion Meyer Sound X-01 crossover module optimizes overall system response and allows connection of single or dual subs for stereo or 5.1 surround operation. Crossover points are selectable at 120, 100 and 80 Hz, and a single switch allows quick changeover from “pure” X-10 monitoring to subwoofer augmentation. A separate .1 channel input allows the system to be switched between stereo and 5.1 operation from the front panel; this switch can also be controlled remotely from the console. Though the sensitivity of the Meyer Sound X-800/X-01 matches the Meyer Sound X-10, the Meyer Sound X-01 provides ±6 dB of gain to compensate for loading conditions.

The Meyer Sound X-800 subwoofer's premium birch plywood cabinet is coated with a durable textured finish. It is optionally available in a smooth medium-gloss black finish to match the Meyer Sound X-10, complete with four rubber feet on each bottom corner and matching cups on the top corners for secure, aligned vertical stacking. A removable protective cloth covered wooden frame is attached to the front. Custom colors are available. Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system provides comprehensive system monitoring over a Windows-based network.