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NEXO GEO S805 : 8 Inch Vertical Array Module [5 Degree]

NEXO GEO S805 : 8 Inch Verticle Array Module [5 Degree]
8 Inch Vertical Array Module
[5 Degree]
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Product Code: NEXO-GEO-S805


Nexo GEO S805: 8 Inch Vertical Array Module [5 Degree]

The GEO S805 is compact, high-output array module designed for use in vertical tangent arrays. The Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource allows multiple GEO S8 loudspeakers to radiate tangent wavefronts with coherent output.

The 5° wavesource is optimized for the construction of curved vertical arrays that deliver equal power to equal coverage areas for consistent SPL from front to rear of the audience area.

Advanced DSP algorithms, applied by the NXAMP/NX242 TDcontroller, precisely integrate GEO S systems with CD12 SubBass cabinets, so they may be flown together, without causing any interference between the GEO S and CD12 wavefronts.

Nexo GEO S805 Features:

  • Nexo GEO S805 is optimized for vertical tangent arrays.
  • High power, long excursion neodymium 8” woofer delivers full range output from compact enclosures.
  • Light weight (13kg per module including Array Assembly System) allows GEO tangent arrays to be hung almost anywhere.
  • When vertically arrayed, multiple Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesources project tangent wavefronts from a common virtual source for coherent output.
  • Configurable Directivity Device allows dispersion in the non-coupling plane to be changed from 80° to 120° through bolt-on flanges that alter the flare of the diffraction slot’s exit.
  • Directivity Phase Device combines enhanced line source coupling in vertical arrays with extended low frequency response.
  • NS-1 array design software predicts vertical tangent array performance for a wide range of venues.

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