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NEXO GEO S830 : 8 Inch Vertical/Horizontal Array Module [30 Degree]

NEXO GEO S830 : 8 Inch Vertical/Horizontal Array Module [30 Degree]
8 Inch Vertical/Horizontal
Array Module [30 Degree]
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Product Code: NEXO-GEO-S830


Nexo GEO S830: 8 Inch Vertical/Horizontal Array Module [30 Degree]

The compact NEXO GEO S830 is a high-output array module intended for horizontal tangent arrays or as a downfill element in curved (tangent) vertical arrays to establish consistent SPL in all coverage areas. The HRW™ allows the 30° S830 and 5° S805 to be coherently arrayed together.

GEO S Series loudspeakers ship with 120° dispersion (in the non-coupling plane) Configurable Directivity Devices (CDD), but are field-changeable to 80° CDDs. To maximize downfill coverage, CDFs are used on GEO S830s for the bottom two rows of curved vertical arrays.

Nexo GEO S830 Features:

  • Nexo GEO S830 can be deployed in horizontal or vertical tangent arrays.
  • High power, long excursion neodymium 8” woofer delivers full range output from compact enclosures.
  • Light weight (13kg per module including Array Assembly System) allows GEO tangent arrays to be hung almost anywhere.
  • When vertically arrayed, multiple Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesources project tangent wavefronts from a common virtual source for coherent output.
  • Configurable Directivity Device allows dispersion in the non-coupling plane to be changed from 80° to 120° through bolt-on flanges that alter the flare of the diffraction slot’s exit.
  • Directivity Phase Device combines enhanced line source coupling in vertical arrays with extended low frequency response.
  • NS-1 array design software predicts vertical tangent array performance for a wide range of venues.

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