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NEXO GEO S8 System:


Nexo GEO S8 System Overview

Ultra-compact. Highly efficient. Consistently coherent.The ultimate listening experience for the smaller audience.

Experienced audio professionals have developed, tested and verified ‘rules of thumb’ for live sound reinforcement. The patent-protected innovations that are the core of NEXO's GEO Technology break those rules again and again.

Minimal arrays of five Nexo GEO S805 Vertical Tangent Array Modules and one Nexo S830 Horizontal/Vertical Tangent Array Module have proven their ability to tame difficult acoustic environments and bring a new sense of detail and intimacy to audiences of up to 2000.

Deeper arrays of up to 24 x Nexo S Series Tangent Array Modules have been used in arenas and outdoor events for tens of thousands. In both types of application, the consistent SPL, stunning coherency and surprising efficiency of the Nexo GEO S Series has challenged audio professionals to rethink their assumptions and to explore new possibilities.

Nexo GEO-S8 Technology

NEXO Geo systems incorporate a number of patented technologies to achieve exceptional accuracy, consistent frequency and SPL coverage throughout the audience, and close correlation between mathematical predictions and real-world results.

To achieve coherency in a line array, multiple cabinets must behave as if they share a single sound source. Geo systems use NEXO’s groundbreaking Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource (HRW™) technology to ensure that wavesources couple optimally without destructive interference.

The HRW controls acoustic energy with a precision–engineered hyperboloid acoustic mirror, creating a virtual wavesource located outside the cabinet.

Because the path lengths from the virtual and real sources to the horn mouths are identical, wavefronts are perfectly in phase at their coupling points – regardless of where the real sources are located in relation to the coupling point.

In permanent installations, Geo D and Geo S systems ship with Configurable Directivity Device Flanges, providing system designers with an unprecedented degree of control over wavesource behaviour. CDD flanges can be easily introduced into the waveguides – for instance on the bottom two cabinets of curved vertical arrays to fill in coverage gaps in the front rows, or in all cabinets where 120 degrees of horizontal coverage is preferred to 80 degrees. In horizontal arrays, CDD flanges can be used to widen vertical coverage from 80 degrees to 120 degrees.

In line arrays, the physical diameter of cone drivers would appear to make it impossible to achieve interference-free, close coupling of wavesources at the frequencies necessary to crossover with HF drivers. NEXO’s revolutionary Directivity Phase Device causes an 8 inch driver, for instance, to behave as twin 4 inch drivers, with two acoustical centres spaced 5 inches apart, cleverly extending the upper frequency limit for line source coupling between adjacent woofers.

Geo rigging systems deliver control over angular splay to an increment of 0.01 degree, making it possible to configure line arrays of exceptional accuracy and coherence.

The Sub-Bass Solution

NEXO looks towards microphone design to achieve directional control of sub-bass frequencies, applying the interference between two sources of identical amplitude to radiate a cardioid polar pattern with off-axis control. The NEXO NX TDcontroller platform maximises subbass pattern control for the CD12 cabinet.

NEXO GEO S805 : 8 Inch Verticle Array Module [5 Degree]
NEXO GEO S805 : 8 Inch Vertical Array Module [5 Degree]
List Price: $2,840.00

NEXO GEO S805 : 8 Inch Vertical Array Module [5 Degree] more info
NEXO GEO S830 : 8 Inch Vertical/Horizontal Array Module [30 Degree]
NEXO GEO S830 : 8 Inch Vertical/Horizontal Array Module [30 Degree]
List Price: $2,840.00

NEXO GEO S830 : 8 Inch Vertical/Horizontal Array Module [30 Degree] more info