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WILLIAMS SOUND - Personal Hearing Assistance : At Work

At Work : Whether for job training, consultation, or everyday work conversations - hearing at the work place is critical for an employee to be able to perform effectively on the job. To maximize an employee´s ability to listen, Williams Sound recommends using an FM listening system such as the Personal FM 350 or 300. The supervisor or trainer wears a wireless transmitter and speaks into a microphone. The employee wears a body-pack style receiver to pick up the supervisor´s message to hear every word. The result: background noise is greatly reduced, and the employee is able to listen to the message without distraction. An FM system is also wireless, which allows the employee to move around freely on the job without missing a word of important instruction.

Another simple way of improving listening in the workplace is for an employee to utilize a Pocketalker. The Pocketalker is a small, compact portable listening device with an external microphone. The microphone amplifies the closest immediate sound source in a room, which greatly improves listening in one-on-one conversations and small work groups. Background noise and distractions are greatly reduced, which allows the employee to hear more clearly and effectively.