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Whirlwind Qbox (VER 2)

Whirlwind Qbox (VER 2)
Whirlwind Qbox (VER 2)
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Product Code: WHIR-QBOX


WHIRLWIND Qbox (VER 2) : Mic / Line Tester

The Whirlwind Qbox is the all-in-one audio line tester ideal for applications such as live sound, maintenance, installation work - anywhere audio runs down a cable. The Whirlwind Qbox includes a microphone, a speaker, a test tone generator, outputs for standard headphones, a 1/4" jack for line-in or a 2k Ohm (telephone) earpiece out, plus voltage presence LEDs for confirming phantom or intercom power. A handy clip attaches the Qbox to your belt or equipment rack.

For an instant hands-free intercom, simply plug in headphones and hook up one Whirlwind Qbox on each end of a line.

Use it to monitor a standard 3-wire intercom feed or talkback from the main audio console. The Whirlwind Qbox can quick-check dynamic mics without firing up the entire system. It provides a handy mic or line-level tone for activating a signal path or identifying a specific cable in a pile of cable ends. Powered by a single standard 9V alkaline battery and housed in rugged ABS, the Qbox is light yet able to withstand the wear and tear of fieldwork.

The SOURCE section of the Whirlwind Qbox lets you send a tone or the signal from the built-in condenser mic at mic or line levels.

The SPEAKER volume control lets you confirm incoming signals at mic or line level.


  • A quieter headphone amplifier section for improved listening quality.
  • A handy MONITOR switch that allows the user to listen to a balanced signal or to two separate unbalanced signals on pin 2 or 3 (referenced to pin 1), such as a two-channel intercom.
  • A switch that unconnects the two XLRs from each other so tone or internal mic can be sent out of one while you listen to what's coming back on the other. Or connect the XLRs together and "loop-through" or daisy-chain units.
  • An improved, test-tone oscillator circuit that more closely maintains the selected level into a wide range of load impedances.