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Yamaha MY8-AEB AES-3 Card : AES/EBU - 8 In x 8 Out - BNC (x8) with Video Reference

Yamaha MY8-AEB AES-3 Card : AES/EBU - 8 In x 8 Out -BNC (x8) with Video Reference
Yamaha MY8-AEB AES-3 Card
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Price: $2,219.00

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Product Code: YAM-MY8-AEB


Yamaha MY8-AEB AES-3 Card :
AES/EBU - 8 In x 8 Out -BNC (x8) with Video Reference

8 Channel Digital Audio I/O with Exi-Clock Sync Capability - The Yamaha MY8-AEB is one of Yamaha's MY-series plug-in interface cards, providing expanded I/O functionality for compatible Yamaha digital audio products. Specifically, the Yamaha MY8-AEB provides 8 channels of AES-3id-1995 standard (75 Ohm BNC connectors) digital audio input and output with advanced video synchronization capability.

8 Channel AES/EBU Format I/O with REF VIDEO Input - In addition to 8 BNC connectors (4 stereo inputs and 4 stereo outputs) the Yamaha MY8-AEB has a REF VIDEO input that can be used to receive a PAL or NTSC format Reference video (Black Burst) signal that will provide the synchronization word clock for the device into which the card is installed. For maximum system reliability the Yamaha MY8-AEB features a unique Yamaha eXi-Clock function that is capable of seamlessly continuing word clock generation even if the Reference video signal is interrupted.

The Yamaha MY8-AEB makes it easy and convenient to use high-performance Yamaha digital mixers for video post production, making it possible to maintain the highest audio quality with reliable synchronization to a wide range of video sources.

  • 8-in/8-out AES-3id-1995 standard with 75 Ohm BNC connectors
  • Reference video input connector
  • eXi-Clock synchronization maintenance function

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