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Yamaha Q2031B: Dual Channel 1/3rd Octave Equalizer

Yamaha Q2031B: Dual Channel 1/3rd Octave Equalizer
Yamaha Q2031B: Dual Channel 1/3rd Octave Equalizer
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Retail Price: $799.00
Price: $629.99

End of Life : Subject to aviailability at time of order

Product Code: YAM-Q2031B



Affordable Professional Graphic EQ.....
Graphic equalization is indispensable for response control in a wide range of audio applications. If you need one or more stand-alone graphic EQ units, the Yamaha Q2031B is an outstanding choice that delivers professional quality with versatile control and outstanding audio performance. Use the Q2031B for live sound, recording, A/V production, electronic musical instruments, broadcasting, music listening, or any other application that requires precise response tailoring. The Q2031B features two independent channels of graphic EQ with full 31-band control over the 20Hz to 20kHz range.



  • Outstanding Audio Performance
  • Versatile EQ Control
  • Range Switches
  • 2 Channels
  • High Pass Filter
  • Balance Input / Output
  • Independent Peak Indicators
  • Automatic Muting Circuit
  • EQ Bypass
  • Rugged Design
  • 19" Rackmountable
  • Optional Security Covers
  • Acoustic Tuning
  • Feedback Control
  • Sound Shaping
  • Noise Suppression

Versatile EQ Control: Yamaha graphic equalizers incorporateactive filters to provide minimum phase shift and smooth response at any boost or cut setting. The Yamaha Q2031B offers 31 equalization bands at 1/3rd octave intervals from 20Hz - 20kHz.

Range Switches: The Yamaha Q2031B features switchable EQ gain of +/- 6dB or +/- 12dB providing broad control range, or a norrow, more precise scope of control. The +/- 12dB range offers wide-range control, essential for broad tonal variation or feedback control. The +/- 6dB range provides fine control within a narrower range, well suited for acoustic tuning and subtle response shaping.

2 - Channel Configuration: The 2RU size Yamaha Q2031B offers completely independent 2 channel control from input to output with 31 band equalization and variable high-pas filters for each channel.

Outstanding Audio Performance: A graphic equalizer's main function is to shape sound without addind unwanted distortion or noise. The Yamaha Q2031B provides quiet operation with less than 0.05% THD. Noise is kept to a minimum with levels better than -96dB on the Q2031B. Yamaha equalizers supply smooth, natural sound that is even compatible with digital sources.

High Pass Filter: High pass filters are extremely useful in fighting against low-end boominess, AC hum, wind noise and preventing sub-sonic components from muddying the sound as well as wasting amplifier power. The Yamaha Q2031B incorporates continuous variable high pass filters on both equalizer channels. Providing 12dB of octave rolloff below the desired frequency, the filters can be independently adjusted with sliders, to any frequency between 20 and 200 Hz.

Balance Inputs / Outputs: Signal input and output is provided by both balance 1/4" phone jacks and balance XLR jacks, all rated at +4dB.

Safety Devices:
Independent Peak Indicators, to warn of excessively high signal levels, light when the output signal reaches 3dB below clipping.
Automatic Muting Circuit mutes the equalizer's output for approximately 3 seconds after the power is switched to on, to prevent transients from damaging amplifiers and speaker systems.

EQ Bypass: EQ on/off switches provide easy EQ bypass and instant comparison between equalized and unequalized sound. LED indicators let you know when the EQ is on.


Frequency Response:
20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5dB @ + 4dB 600 Ohm
Total Harmonic Distortion:


Hum & Noise:
(Average, Rs-600 Ohms BPF : 20Hz-20kHz)
...... Equalizer......all flat (0dB), Input Level......Max
Maximum Voltage Gain: ...... 0dB, Input Level......Max
Center Frequencies: ......

31 band (1/3 Octave)
20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1k, 1.25k,
1.6k, 2k, 2.5k, 3.15k, 4k, 5k, 6.3k, 8k, 10k, 12.5k, 16k, 20kHz

Variable Range:
+/- 12dB / +/- 6 dB
High Pass Filter:
(Rolloff Frequency)

12dB / Octave
(20 - 200Hz @ -3dB point)

Peak LED Indicator: ......

Red LED on each channel turns on when post-EQ signal reaches the level 3dB below clipping.

Signal LED Indicator: ...... Green LED on each channel turns on when post-EQ signal reaches the level 13dB below nominal level.
Power Requirements: ......

AC: 120V, 60Hz

Power Consumption: ...... 20W
Dimensions: ...... 18-7/8" W x 3-11/16" H x 9-1/16" D
Weight: ...... 8.8 lbs (4.0 kg)

Downloads & Links:
Owner's Manual
(1.9MB, pdf)
(3.3MB, pdf)

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