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Crest Audio

Not all audio components are created equally.............

Crest Audio has always striven to produce components which embody the finest audio quality and most rugged physical construction--regardless of cost. This design philosophy results in products which always exceed the audio specifications and physical demands of their target application.

Crest Audio components could be designed with lower cost in mind, but not without sacrificing the excellence our brand has come to represent. This difference is clearly audible when placing our products in A/B comparisons with competitors.

Hands-on industry experience and research invests every aspect of the Crest Audio enterprise. Our engineering efforts are driven by a mandate to create products tailored to clearly defined applications and which apply proven technologies to well-researched user needs. Such real-world input ensures responsive product development and results in audio components with intelligent feature-sets, transparent user-interfaces, and intuitive control surfaces.

Engineering is meaningless without quality construction. Crest Audio insists upon superior build quality employing the finest chassis design, components, mechanical construction, assembly, and quality control. We are so certain about the quality of our products that we offer five-year warranty protection in the U.S. and many other countries.

Expert customer service and the industry's finest technical support complete the experience of owning and using Crest Audio products--trusted by professionals the world over.

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